A La Carte Wedding

We offer year round wedding services, suited best for couples  who are looking to add a fresh from the garden feel to their special day. It is customizable allowing each couple to meet their budget and design needs. During the main growing season flowers are sourced from our farm or as local as possible. During the winter months we strive to source all flowers from the United States.

This package is perfect for couples who are looking for personal flowers, centerpieces, and focal arrangements. However this option is not well suited for those looking for highly customized designs and on-site setup. Simply choose your color palette and quantity of each item.

Orders are available for pick-up during set times at our farmstead location. Delivery is available for an additional fee. Please note that a la carte weddings require a minimum of a $500 order

Please look over all of our options and enjoy the stress free simplicity of our a la carte menu! Do not hesitate to give us a call or send an email with any questions you may have.

Personal Flowers

Bridal Bouquet 125

Farm Fresh, deluxe bridal bouquet


Bridesmaids Bouquet 75

As beautiful as our bridal bouquet but a bit smaller

Small Bridal Bouquet 50

a petite version of our standard bridal bouquets

Corsage 20

Wrist or pin on florals for the ladies (not pictured)

Boutonniere 15

Pin on floral accent for the gentlemen


Ceremony and Reception Flowers

Large Arrangement 150

Statement piece, our largest lush garden arrangement (Approximetely 30” tall x 24” wide)

Medium Arrangement 100

Mid sized arrangement perfect for gift or buffet table (approximately 20” tall x 15” wide)