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Hello we are Nick and Cassie Shimp, your local farmer-florists, located just outside of Schoolcraft, Michigan. We utilize natural growing practices and maintain a sustainable small scale farm. We specialize in lush, natural, handcrafted florals.

We offer year round wedding services, suited best for couples  who are looking to add a fresh from the garden feel to their special day. It is customizable allowing each couple to meet their budget and design needs. During the main growing season (May 15-October 15) flowers are sourced from our farm or as local as possible. Out of season (October 16- May 14) florals incur a 25% higher rate.

Thanks for for making local and naturally grown flowers a part of your big day! Please fill out the form below and we will get back to you within a week.

Thank you!

-Flowerfield Farmstead

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Flower Order Form
Please select the items and quantities you would like to receive (please keep in mind that we require a $500 minimum order):
Personal Flowers
garden fresh, deluxe bouquet
A mid sized version of our bridal bouquet
Smaller bouquet perfect for tossing or junior bridesmaids
Pin on floral accent
Wrist florals
Ceremony and Reception Flowers
Statement piece, our largest lush garden arrangement (White container)
perfect for guest tables (silver or gold container)
Container Color?
Pairs lovely with our vintage bottle collection (silver or gold container)
Container Color
perfect for the bar tables and restrooms! (glass vase)
Set of 3 clear glass bottles (style will vary) filled with a few fresh blooms and foliage. Adds a charming touch to any table or bar-top!